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Singapore. A city like this I have never seen before. Beautiful parks, wonderful architecture, great food and very nice people. After traveling around the world, which is a great side effect of my job, I got the chance to work as a lecturer in Singapore.

This city seems to be really big with it’s millions of people but when you spend a couple of weeks there you will see that it is just a little town. Don’t understand me wrong, it is a big city but it has the charm of a small village where the people seem to know each other. When you go in a cinema, the likelihood is high to meet a friend or in my case a student.

During my time teaching at the Ngee Ann University (Singapore) in cooperation with the University of Adelaide, I got the opportunity to meet a lot of smart, funny and nice students. I had a great time talking about Marketing Communications and Consumer Behaviour, learning the culture and getting in touch with another perspective to see the world.

I guess it is not easy to live in this city with all it’s pressure on the labor market, where expats and young professionals competing against each other. The educational system seems to be really good and the students have always been keen to learn more.

The tourist experience: Always when I got the chance to go to Singapore to teach, I got new friends from Germany, Norway, Brazil, Moldavia or even Australia. It is a a city attracting people from countries around the globe. It really seems to be the gate to Asia with its western habits but Asian roots.

As a tourist coming in this city you will love the climate, which is always wet and hot - between 30 and 32°C. The people are nice everywhere and try to help you if they can. In case you need a christmas present, you can buy scarfs very cheap in Chinatown or famous clothing brands in Orchard Road from all over the world.

Thank you so much guys for

having such a great time!