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Have you ever heard saying somebody: “I love this brand!”? Why do we attach ourselves to brands? What can brands provide to us we do not get from others?

In this research project we wanted to investigate the interaction between real social relationships and relationships to brands. In doing so, we asked the participants if they feel secure in their relationships related to their relationship partner. Although mostly they do so, we found differences in current relationship security. Furthermore, we showed our participants different brands in different product categories (apparel, body care, consumer electronics, and soft drinks) to test the relationship between the identification of a brand and the attachment (love) to a brand.

Consistent with previous research, we could clearly show that when we can identify with a brand we are also more likely to feel stronger attached to that brand. But we wanted to know now if this is influenced by our social relationship. The hypothesis was that when we feel insecure related to our social attachment partner, we chose brands in order to fill that gap. Our results confirm that that this is the case. We feel more attached to brand when we feel insecure in our social relationship. But this was only significant for women. What is the reason for this phenomenon? Why are not men stronger attached to brands when their social relationship is insecure?

Our explanation related to the socialization process of consumers. We learn from our parents and peers special consumer patterns. Hence, men normally go shopping just to satisfy basic needs and get no reward if they are good at it. However, women go shopping in order to boost the mood and also get a reward from friends for a good shopping deal.

Women get security from others based on brands, they can strongly increase their self-esteem. And I don’t talk only about apparel and expensive luxurious brands. I mean even body care, consumer electronics or soft drinks. That was a great project. Thank you all for your participation!