Who is Michael Proksch?

I am researcher in and very passionate about the area of analytics for marketing and consumer psychology. Since my study in Business Administration at the University of Leipzig (in Germany) I am fascinated by the mysteries of marketing and especially consumer psychology. What is the impact of media advertisement on consumers? How can a company influence a brand’s sales? Why do people buy specific brands? Why do we donate money for a charity?

After working in industry as a consultant I went back to university to finish a PhD in the area of marketing/consumer insights and quantitative analytics. I have been an international researcher and lecturer for marketing in Australia, Singapore and Germany and work now as consultant in industry as data scientist combining marketing and knowledge in analytics. I am proud to work with friends, colleagues and customers around the world. Thank you so much for your support!




Born in 1983 in Leipzig, Germany

Married and proud father of a beautiful daughter

Favorite Cities: Singapore, Stockholm (Sweden), Nürnberg (Germany), Melbourne (Australia), Kaikoura (New Zealand)


2017-... Director Data Science for trommsdorff + drüner (Berlin, Germany)

2016-2017 Lead Data Scientist/Team Lead for trommsdorff + drüner (Berlin, Germany)

2015-2016 Senior Consultant & Data Scientist for trommsdorff + drüner (Berlin, Germany)

2014-2015 Research Manager and Data Analyst for Produkt+Markt (Osnabrück, Germany)

2013-2014 Marketing Researcher and Lecturer at the University of Adelaide (Adelaide, Australia) and at the Ngee Ann Education Center (Singapore)

2009-2013 / Marketing Researcher and Lecturer at the Christian-Albrechts-University (Kiel, Germany) and at the Applied University of Kiel


Ph.D. (Dr.), specialized in Marketing/Consumer Insights and Quantitative Analytics

M.A., B.A, (Dipl.-Kfm.) in Business Administration


- Cycling & Running

- Traveling

  1. -Charity Research

In brief


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McIntosh, D, Veale, R, and Proksch, M “Investigating the Influences of Country of Origin and Word of Mouth through Social Media on Consumer Expectations of Service Quality”, Conference Paper, ANZMAC in Adelaide, 2013

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Proksch, M and Orth, U “For self, fun, or fear? Why people attach themselves to brands”, Conference Paper, Society of Consumer Psychology Conference Atlanta, 2011

Michael Proksch

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